Rafa Nasiri Art Studio, Amman, Jordan, takes the pleasure of announcing The 5th ‎Annual Printmaking Award (2018) for Young Arab Artists. Aimed to enhance the art ‎of printmaking in the Arab world and strengthen its value.‎
The fifth edition is open to Arab artists all over the world from ages 20-40 years old to ‎submit artworks executed during one academic year in 2018.‎‏  ‏

The award of $1000 will be given to the best artist submitting artworks executed in ‎one of the following techniques:‎

Etching, dry point, woodcut, silkscreen, lithograph, or any other modern technique ‎based on the traditional means of printmaking.‎
Monotypes and digitals are excluded.‎

Participants are requested to send their entries through Rafa Nasiri website:‎

  • ‏ 6-8‎‏ artworks ‏images.
  • high resolution 300 dpi jpg.
  • not exceeding 100 x 70 cm, vertical or ‎horizontal.‎

In addition to the images, kindly include a request letter clarifying the artist’s own ‎vision in addition to the latest C.V‏ ‏

The final date for submission is on 31st December 2018.‎
‏ ‏
Submitted works will be presented to a jury of renowned Arab printmakers to take ‎decision and announce the winning artist on 31st. January 2019‎

The winning entry in The 2018 Annual Nasiri Printmaking Award for Young Arab ‎Artists will be exhibited in Amman, Jordan. The winner will be invited for several ‎days of residence in Amman. Shipment of works and travel cost are not covered.‎
‏ ‏

May Muzaffar
Patron of Nasiri Printmaking Award
Amman, May 2018‎