Announcement of Final Results 2017


Rafa Nasiri Award for Printmaking is honoured to announce the final results of the 4th Annual Graphic Arts Competition 2017

The respected members of the jury are
Dia Azzawi, painter and printmaker, Ziad Dalloul, painter and printmaker, Modhir Ahmed, Painter and printmaker.
The 2017 nominated winner has been selected from numerous applications received until December 31, 2017, submitted by young Arab artists from Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

The prize goes to: Artist Bashir Ahmad from Iraq.

The Award was granted for the aesthetic qualities, creativity and thematic images rendered in Bashir’s series of abstract silk- screen prints entitled “Silenced Activism”. Bashir’s images reflect the artist’s technical skills in dealing with his composed subject stemming from one of Babylonian mythologies of a giant bird on which he built his visual research. The prints reveal a powerful handling of the composed details, evading any decorative approach. They also reveal the artist’s dynamic and mature rendering of the images.

Ahmad Bashir, born in Babylon-Iraq 1985 where he resides and works, got his master’s degree from Babel University.

The jury members would like to extend their gratitude and appreciation to all the artists who took part in this year’s competition and congratulate the winner who will receive this award in a special event to be held in Amman where his artworks will be showcased. 

"It is our honour to share in these defining moments of achievement for our nation’s promising artists and to elevate their artistic talent on the local and regional levels. It is our privilege to support them on their journey to becoming successful artists,” said May Muzaffar, Patron of the Rafa Nasiri Award for Printmaking.

About RafaNasiri Award for Printmaking
Established in honour of the late Rafa Nasiri, Iraqi artist and printmaker, the Rafa Nasiri Award for Printmaking - Annual Graphic Arts Competition identifies young Arab artists (age 20-40) with exceptional talent in graphic arts and showcases their remarkable work to a wider audience. Founded in 2014, the Awards program's initiative is to foster their creativity and talent through recognition and scholarships.