Beyond Time

Venue:Nabad Gallery, Amman
Living as an expatriate, far from my Homeland "Iraq," and with the advance of age, time, past and present, old and new, seem to spontaneously overlap in such a way that permits the overflow of images and memories; great  events and minor ones collaborate to form the main lineaments for each creative state of mind. In art, thoughts, colors and forms mingle with time and become one state which derives its viability from those human manifestations in order to be realized as a "painting." 

The art works I produced during the last seven years partly reflect my affinity with time. Roaming among the poetry of Al-Mutanabbi (10th century AD), Ibn Zaidoun from Andalusia, to modern times through the poetry of Al-Jawahiri, Mohmoud Darwish, Etel Adnan and May Muzaffar, is to wander between different times celebrating homeland, love and beauty. They ardently overflow in the core of what I really aspire to reflect in my art works, whether paintings or prints.

As it appears in all the stages of my personal experience, the employment of Arabic character in some of my paintings is purely symbolic and referential. Nature to me is an element of beauty aims to complement and back up the basis of my painting in order to embody the traits of time and place to which I am referring

Rafa al-Nasiri.
Translated by Mona Deeb
Amman, September 2010