Fifty Years of Iraqi Graphic Art

Venue:Darat Al-Funun, Amman Summer 1999
Graphic art is considered to be one of the oldest practices in expressing human thoughts and feeling reflected in the caves and walls but it became one of the main practices in daily urban life of Mesopotamian people since 3000 B.C historically shown in the cylinder seals and cuneiform's engraved on tablets With the new trends on modern arts and the revival of printmaking Iraqi artists became quite interested in printmaking and soon developed their skills In 1999 Rafa Nasiri, the father of graphic art in Iraq curated a historical group exhibition reflecting fifty years of printmaking in Iraq who practiced this art since 1940's The exhibition held on Summer 1999 at Darat Al Funun was curated by Rafa Nasiri who wrote an elaborated introduction assisted by one of his Jordanian students Mohammad Salem.