Omayma El Guerssifi

The Award was granted for the aesthetic qualities, creativity and thematic images rendered in a series of abstract monoprints involving mixed graphic techniques. Omaima’s images reflect the artist’s technical skills in dealing with her composed subject stemming from her own observation to the speedy rhythmic time on which she builds up her visual research. The prints reveal the artist’s high sensitivity and competent skills in expressing the effect of the speedy time on our daily life. A speed that creates a sort of visual confusion and prevents us from getting a deep recognition of what we observe.

Omaima Guerssifi (b. 1989) holds a diploma from the Institute of Fine Arts, Tetouan, Morocco 2017, in addition to a BA in Human Sciences from the college of Arts, Tetouan 2011. Based on the concept of Op Art, Omaima tries to look into the daily baffled vision. According to her:” One can only recognize the images through searching the proper angle”. In realizing her monoprints, the artist engraves her tender lines on x ray sheets to mix later with other material, resulting in blurred images out of overriding lines to confuse & dazzle the eyes.

The jury members would like to extend their gratitude and appreciation to all the artists who took part in this year’s competition and congratulate the winner who will receive this award in a special event to be held in Amman, Jordan where her art works will be showcased. It is our honour to share in these defining moments of achievement for our nation’s promising artists and to elevate their artistic talent on the local and regional levels. It is our privilege to support them on their journey to becoming successful artists,”