Nadine Zaza

The Award was granted to Nadine for the 
simplicity of her artistic language and vocabulary, 
in harmony with the mood of contemporary arts, 
and her ability to compose narratives and 
transform them into a graphic language inspired 
by comics, urban plans, and street arts. As well as 
her use of various modern techniques that are 
important keys to what graphic arts seek today in 
their functional and interactive terms. 

Nadine Zaza (1994) is an artist, designer and 
educator. She received a Bachelor of Architecture 
and a bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island 
School of Design where she also minored other 
technical courses. She is now working between 
Cambridge, MA and Amman as a design educator 
and fellow with the NuVu Innovation School. 
“Nadine is a proponent of using architecture as a 
tool to use in major social and cultural issues of 
our time, centering the conversations around the 
Middle East and Arab and Muslims lives in 
America.. Nadine’s artistic vision is that of radical 
representation from the urban and architectural 
scale of cities to the individuals whose lives are 
woven in and out of the urban fabric”. 

The jury members would like to extend their 
gratitude and appreciation to all the artists who 
took part in this year’s competition, and 
congratulate the winner who will receive this 
award in a special event to be held in Amman, 
Jordan where her art works will be showcased. 

It is an honour to share in these defining 
moments of achievement for our nation’s 
promising artists and to elevate their artistic 
talent on the local and regional levels. It is also a 
privilege to support them on their journey to 
becoming successful artists.