Umaima Rashad

Umaima Rashad

The Award was granted for the aesthetic qualities,
 creativity and thematic images rendered in
Rashad's series of works entitled
"Murdering Innocence", reflect her own vision.
The series of etchings on zinc in different
techniques reveal the artist’s dramatic and
sensitive treatment of images based on and
inspired by the current events. According to her:
"Even from the point of inception, human life is
being murdered ".
Umaima Rashad holds B.A. degree in Graphic Arts
from Al-Minya University (2004); preliminary M.A.
in History of Art from Hulwan University (20013).
Took part in many group exhibitions and
workshops in Egypt (2003-2015). A winner of a
graphic award from the Society of Art Lovers,
Egypt. her works are among the collection of
Egypt Modern Art Museum.